Cosmetic Case of the Mondays

I hope everyone had a terrific weekend!  I attended a good friend’s beautiful wedding where I was able to reunite with a bunch of my sorority sisters.  We had so much fun catching up as well as tearing up the dance floor!  I also watched a little football, as well as an amazingggg SNL.  It completely solidified my absolute love for Drake.  I could no joke watch his monologue over and over.  I heart Drizzy.


I took advantage of Samuel passed out in his stroller the other day and ran into Sephora to play with some new goodies and I immediately bee-lined to Benefit’s newest stain, Lollitint.  Benefit already has quite a collection of stains and enhancers, but this new one has everyone absolutely raving so I was itching to try the candy-orchid stain on my cheeks and lips.  I had actually just removed all of my makeup (gasp!) to get color matched for foundation via Sephora + Pantone’s Color IQ and realized I had to walk around the rest of the mall completely bare faced (double gasp!!) so I decided I might as well try on Lollitint bare faced to truly be able to see how I liked the color.  I loved the orchid toned tint it provided and can only imagine it paired with a regular face of makeup, especially since you’re able to build the color.

Applying these can be a little tricky, the best way is to brush three strokes on the apple of your cheek (definitely do one at a time) and blend quickly with your fingertips (pointer and middle fingers) or you could blend with a foundation brush.  For lips, just dab on and blend.  It can of course always be paired with some balm or gloss.  Benefit had posted this help how-to on their blog a couple of years ago for their cult favorite Benetint, which obviously would apply to Lollitint as well.

Be sure to check out Benefit’s other bestseller’s: Benetint, High Beam, Posietint, Cha Cha Tint, and Sun Beam.

Cheers to a great week!



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