Cosmetic Case of the Mondays

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  This week Jared and I will be celebrating our third wedding anniversary so I figured to make each of the blogs this week wedding themed, hope you enjoy!


Since you probably won’t ever be photographed more in your life than on your wedding day, you want to make sure your makeup lasts all day long.  I love using airbrush foundation as I swear it could last you through your honeymoon.  If you’re a rookie to using airbrush makeup and you’re skeptical of how you’d like the look and feel of it, I highly recommend testing it out during a trial with your makeup artist if hiring one.  The trial can be used to see how you like the end result, as well as how long your makeup stayed for.  After you have your trial, I recommend taking some photos in different light so you can see how the makeup photographs.


Moisturizing and using good primers for face, eyelid, lashes, and lips (refresh yourself with my old post on primers from way back when!) will also help the makeup lasts through the day and night.  You can of course also shop around for long wear makeup if you’d rather provide the makeup yourself.  Be sure to purchase the lip products that your makeup artist plans on using on you so you’re able to reapply.  Don’t forget to purchase the necessary liner, lipstick, and gloss (whatever your artist is using) so that you can properly mirror the look.  I personally recommend choosing a subtle lip, more neutral as opposed to bold.  Regardless of how much I love wearing bright lipsticks, I still suggest steering away from any trends including makeup.  Don’t get me wrong though, given the “look” you’re going for a classic red lip could look totally old school Hollywood glam!

false lashes

Just remember that because of the photos that you will be taking, go a little heavier on the makeup than you normally would.  Also consider going for a bit more drama with the help of false lashes, either individuals or strips.  Just make sure they don’t extend past your lateral lash line.  You also may want to opt for waterproof liner and mascara (as well as glue for your faux lashes!) for the big day if you think there’s even a possibility of shedding some tears.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s wedding theme post!




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