Cosmetic Case of the Mondays

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I was able to spend time with friends and Samuel, as Jared was off in Vegas for a bachelor party. I also stocked up on some adorable items for Sam from Baby Gap during their Biggest Little Kids & Baby sale (ends today!), especially loving this graphic tee, these jeans, and these adorable sneaks. Holy cute outfit!


So I also made a MAC run because I was antsy to check out their new ‘Penciled In’ lip liners, since they rarely put out new ones. My favorites were Edge to Edge, which is described by MAC as a dirty bluepink, and Nightingale, which is described as a midtonal cream plum. These liners are creamy, rich, and chockfull of pigment. They are perfect for not just lining your lips, but as they’re called, pencilling in your lips. This trick is perfect for helping your lipstick last longer!

Edge to Edge

edge to edge



The exciting part was also figuring out which lipsticks would look great with the liners and so far here’s what I’ve come up with, yet I’m sure I’ll end up playing around with other colors together in the future.

Loving Edge to Edge with Please Me.

please me

Initially I knew Nightingale would be absolutely perfect with Rebel, but then I also realized it looks super fun with the new Viva Glam Miley Cyrus!



Which one if your favorite?

Cheers to a great week!



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  1. Ellen Levin

    I’m a true lipstick fanatic. I buy a lot of MAC lipsticks in addition to the occasional expensive Nars or Chanel.

    I like a slight difference in my liner to my lipstick. I like the Nightingale liner you show. What Mac lipsticks might be pretty with it?

    Any suggestions for a truly thickening mascara? So far Chanel Volume is my fav. It’s hard to get off tho.


    (Age 62, blonde hair, blue eyes, yellow toned skin)


    1. Leah

      Hi Ellen!
      If you like a slight difference in liner and lipstick, I would definitely recommend the Viva Glam Miley Cyrus that I showed. At least try it on! :)
      For a thickening mascara, I would suggest MAC Opulash and Marc Jacobs O!Mega Lash Volumizing Mascara (I love it!) and no matter what, definitely use a lash primer! I don’t even apply drugstore mascara without my Dior Lash Plumping Serum!
      Thanks for following and email me any other q’s at Leah@Livelovelipstick.com

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