Obsessive Cosmetic Disorder

So it’s official.  I, Leah Rifkin Moskowitz, have OCD…Obsessive Cosmetic Disorder.  I have been aware of this for quite some time now, however it really became apparent when I was going through some of my stash.  These are all of my MAC blushes that I have compiled.  Keep in mind these are only blushes.  Only MAC blushes, i.e. there are others.  Many, many others.

MAC Blushes

Who needs this many blushes and why, you ask?  Well I do, because in my crazy mind they all vary and should be worn differently.

Blush Colors

1. Stubborn: A mid-tone rose plum, that gives a great dramatic look!

2. Pinch Me: The perfect, go-to flushed color that can be worn everyday by everyone.

3. Small Vanity: A delicate, subdued dusty rose tan, great for so many skin tones!

4. Breath of Plum: A gorgeous light plum shade that goes best with a mauve pink pout.

5. Dollymix: A fun and intense bright pink, just blend properly and a little will go a long way!

6. Gleeful: A baked, mineral blush that is buildable for intensity (start with just a little, seriously) and even looks great paired with a red lip!

7. Warm Soul: The best blush I’ve ever used for the perfect glow (just refer to the pic and you’ll see how much I use it!).

8. Alpine Bronze: This mid-tone caramel mineralized blush gives a great warm tan, without looking too orange or shimmery.

9. Supercontinental: My favorite coral-peach-pink color, it was even described by MAC as a “bright cute coral”

10. The Perfect Cheek: This was part of the Marilyn Monroe collection and is a neutral pink beige, matte, buildable, and great packaging!

Just remember, the first step is admitting you have a problem…




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