Hair Care Obsession

Just with many other types of beauty and makeup products, I have a massive hair care collection.  Like for reals.  I clearly have just one head of hair, why do I need so much product for it?!  Because I’m a crazy girl person and am always looking for something new and fabulous.  In my mind, perhaps they have created a new dry shampoo product where there are tiny little worker bees who get sprayed on and scrub away the dirt all in one spritz.  Maybe they’ve developed a new texturizing spray that will not only transform my hair in to Blake Lively’s, but it was actually transform me into Blake Lively.  Hello new hubby Ryan Reynolds!  The point is, you just never know so it is my duty to try them all!  (Or so I tell myself.)

Well, I can finally say that I’ve found not only a new product I love, but a whole new line that I’m beyond obsessed with!  Catwalk by TIGI is a new line found in many salons (as well as online of course) that is actually made up of four different collections: Session Series (Styling Collection), Sleek Mystique (Straight Collection), Curlesque (Curl Collection), and Your Highness (Volume Collection).

So far I’ve tried products in both the Session Series as well as Your Highness and I keep loving each new product I try!  The Session Series contains my new favorite hairspray, Work It Hairspray.  This stuff is no joke  the best hairspray I’ve ever used!  It’s light, flexible, keeps my hair soft and when I say it smells amazing, I may or may not have ever left the house without purposely forgetting perfume when I’ve used it in my hair.  I’ll even give my locks a little mist of it when dirty just to make it smell good.  HIGHLY recommend!  I’m also wanting to try the Salt Spray from this series.  (Clearly still on a mission to become Mrs. Reynolds somehow! Sorry Jar…)

I have to admit I’ve quickly become a bit obsessed with Your Highness Collection.  I started out trying the Root Boost Spray but was still a little skeptical as I have tried countless different root lifters.  After falling in love with the Session Series Work It Hairspray, I decided to give this one a shot.  Well, I’m here to say that this by far is the best root lifter I’ve EVER used!  So many others sound like they’re going to give me great volume and using it will be like serving my roots a shot of espresso and yet they never seem to deliver (more like decaf espresso…), but I can actually tell such a difference with this one!  And it was all downhill from there.  I am proud to say that I now also use the Elevating Shampoo, Nourishing Conditioner,  and Weightless Shine Spray.  Each of these products truly work as they claim they should and also smell amazing!  I was able to score the shampoo and conditioner in the giant 25 oz. pump bottles in a set for a great price!

These are definitely products worth the try!




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