Humpday Helper

I love a good pick-me-up to help get me through the day and work week, and while some may get inspiration though quotes and photos they see online that encourage us to smile, not judge people, yada yada a true pick-me-up for myself is something that makes me laugh.  (Bare with me, I’m on decaf coffee and haven’t had a cocktail in almost 6 months…relax Mom and Grandma reading this, no I am not an addict.)

Perfect Polly Pet

Well I just about peed myself when a co-worker of mine sent me this commercial to watch for the Perfect Polly Pet.  I was stunned to discover this shit is REAL!!  If this doesn’t get you through the day, then I’m at a loss.

The only thing left to figure out after feasting your eyes on the ad is who to buy said product for and for what occasion?!  The possibilities are endless!

Happy Hump Day!



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