Humpday Helper

So as you probably guessed this morning, I didn’t have a blog for today.  Last night I was just too tired after consuming a delicious pizza dinner (my priorities these days…) to try and think of anything that may be slightly entertaining and helpful.  But then I just watched what may be the best viral video I’ve seen in a loooong time and knew I had to share it today.  Meet Sam, a young man from Dallas who put on the most elaborate burlesque routine as his entrance into his Bar Mitzvah.  While he entered manhood, I feel like I just entered Studio 54.  From the confetti to the ever-so-underwhelming applause, to the bow at the end, to the SECOND, SOLO bow at the end..it’s beyond amazeballs. Oh wait, it gets better!  Sam, who is clearly no stranger to the life of a performer had already filmed a Call Me Maybe Bar Miztvah video last year.  Double Chai to Sam!  I double dog dare you to find antyhing more helpful today and throughout the week.




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