Humpday Helper

Hi everyone!

Still recovering from a fabulous birthday weekend, thank you everyone for your well wishes and to those who helped celebrate!  We had a birthday brunch at our house with friends and I had a great time!  But more on that later…

So I’ve been dealing with some not so pleasant skin lately.  I blame hormones.  And laziness, sigh.  While I can’t control my hormones, I can control getting off my ass and doing something about it!  First step: clean my makeup brushes!  I realized that it had been waaaay too long since I’ve cleaned them (umm definitely haven’t cleaned them since Samuel has been born…ew) and I wanted to throw up.  Ideally, you should be cleaning your brushes once a month.  So if it has been longer side you’ve done so, clean them tonight!


Wash them in warm soapy water, using either brush cleanser or mild bar soap, rinse, blot, and either prop them up to air dry or use a blow dryer.

Step 1 is complete!  Stayed tuned tomorrow as I discuss more on skin care…



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