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With Jared away, I have a horrible habit of not going to bed until way past my bedtime which means just one thing: I watch a lot of TV.  Like a lot.  Like I watch shows, then I watch reunions of shows, and then I watch the “after the reunion” shows.  And just in case you’re not as much of a TV junkie as I am (or reality TV junkie I should say), here are some shows that you should get to watchin!


True Tori:  So Tori Spelling agreed to let a film crew follow her around while she deals with the aftermath of her husband cheating on her.  There are some reports saying that not only is the show completely fake, but that the whole scandal was fake as well just as a ploy to get the show and make some money.  After now watching the first two uber intense and dramatic episodes, I feel as though it is my life mission to find out if True Tori is in fact true.

Southern Charm: This new Bravo show actually just ended and while it was pretty uneventful and followed what seemed like just one story throughout the season, do yourself a favor and watch them On Demand just to catch the finale.  A bomb dropped in Charleston in the last 30 seconds of the show.  Did not see that one coming!!  And then obvi there’s the reunion to catch afterwards as well…

Real Housewives of Atlanta:  Speaking of Bravo reunions, this season of RHOA brought some dra-ma!  Oh em gee are these ladies cray cray, although now having watched parts one and two from the three part reunion (side note: the way Andy Cohen can milk a couple hour long sit down is truly a talent) the craziest one of them all may be Mama Joyce.  Hope she doesn’t drag me out in the street for saying that…

Mixology:  Ok, so finally a sitcom and not a reality show.  From the writers of The Hangover and is co-produced by Seacrest (although what isn’t produced by him these days), it’s about 10 singles, 5 guys and 5 girls, searching for love in a bar over the course of one night.  It’s like 24 meets every show about single friends looking for love, but the writing and acting is actually pretty good.  Definitely check it out, I’ve laughed out loud by myself many a times.

And in case you haven’t checked out the now-viral video of Emma Stone crushing it on Jimmy Fallon during a lip-sync battle, definitely watch it asap!  It confirms my love for her (um hello, she likes DJ Khaled…we’d clearly be friends for this and many other reasons) and I’m also obsessed with her look during the show, head to toe, and also really makes me wish I was cool enough to pull off those bangs.  Speaking of which I actually have a long overdue haircut today, but too worried I’ll have buyers remorse and then wait for what seems like forever for them to grow out, sigh.  Anywho…

Happy viewing!



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  1. Ali Feldman

    Try Orphan Black on BBC America. It’s a good show to binge one while hubby is away.

    1. Leah

      Hey Ali! I’ve heard I need to check it out, definitely will now! Thanks so much for following! xo

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