National Lipstick Day!

Happy National Lipstick Day everyone!

How is their work and camp today? How are the banks open? How is their mail? Wait, I take that back, I’m always happy when there’s mail and packages to be delivered! But still, how are we not all outside singing and dancing in the streets to celebrate such a joyous occasion? Someone stock the bar, I’ll create the playlist…

It just so happens that I FINALLY organized all of my makeup over this past weekend, and just in time for the holiday! I’m obsessed with these acrylic organizers that I got at The Container Store and I will certainly share with you all my new and improved, and extremely organized vanity, but for now I figured I’d share this pic of most of my lipsticks. Keyword being “most”.

Organized Lipstick Collection

As well as my Top 10 Favorite Lipsticks! {Dave Letterman should probably come out of retirement tonight to do the same.}

And remember, lipsticks are the perfect way to have fun and add a pop of color to an outfit. Even if these colors seem out of your comfort zone, try them! You’ll either hate it, laugh at yourself, and wipe it off or surprise yourself and love it!

Top 10 Lipsticks

As you can see, there’s a good mix of pinks, nudes, reds, and darks. And yes, I kind of like MAC lipsticks…

1. MAC Lickable

2. MAC Mineralize Lush Life

3. MAC Studded Kiss

4. NARS Audacious Anna

5. MAC Russian Red, aka my all-time favorite red!!

6. NARS Audacious Vera

7. MAC Rebel

8. MAC Please Me

9. MAC Vegas Volt

10. MAC Peach Blossom

Side note: I’m sure this list will change in another couple weeks when I fall in love with yet another color.

Have a great National Lipstick Day!




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