New Addition to Live Love Lipstick

So I have to say that I’m so sorry for the week long hiatus, but I’m pretty sure I have the best excuse.  Ever.


I’d like to introduce you to my son (still so amazingly crazy to say), Samuel Logan, who surprised us on Saturday, October 5th, and came over a month early.  Jared and I could not be happier and are overwhelmed by the love we have for this 6.2 pound matzah ball.

I vow to you guys to try my best and still blab about the latest in greatest in makeup, beauty, and fashion in between feedings, pumps, swaddles, and diaper changes.  However, if you saw my this past week you by no means would want to take advice from me.  Let’s hope that changes soon enough once I tackle this whole new mom thing.



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  1. Cathi Lambert

    Congratulations Leah! He is so adorable. I know you will tackle this whole new mom thing in stride, and look fab while doing it. Yes, it takes time to figure out how to master getting out of the house in under an hour without spit up or breast milk on your outfit…but I have no doubt you will look flawless regardless. Thanks for all the tips, and laughs! ZLAM, Cathi

    1. Leah

      Thanks so much Cathi, let’s hope your confidence in me proves to be at least somewhat true! xo

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