New Year, New Skin

Happy New Year! Can you believe it’s already 2018?? It’s truly crazy how time flies! I can’t get over how the years just pass on by. I met Jared back in 2002, I don’t think I even had a cell phone!! We got married in 2011. Had Sam in 2013, followed by Max at the end of 2016. And it’s already 2018, how can that be?!

As another year passes and I turn that much older (will be 33 next month, eek!), I’ve realized how much more I need to take care of my skin. Sure, I own a million beauty and makeup products but am now vowing to use them properly and consistently, as well as add anything necessary to my regimen (facials, peels, maybe a little botox – gasp!). I used to think I looked young for my age, but now I feel like I VERY much look my age and that I have two crazy boys contributing to my wrinkles.

Drunk Elephant

Like I said, I realized that even though I may have a lot of skincare products, I could still be missing certain necessary ingredients for my skin. I decided to splurge and add a couple more (sorry Jared!) and I’m SO happy I did as my skin is feeling the best it’s had! I was looking for a good Vitamin C Serum that would be effective but also not completely break the back; cue Drunk Elephant. I’m such a fan of this brand because they use such amazing ingredients and their products are comparable to those that are two – maybe even three times its price. After reading such great reviews about their C-Firma Day Serum and then realizing that Sephora was selling an insane kit (it’s a full sized C-Firma, along with three other travel size products all for only $8 more than a regular size C-Firma, um hello, no brainer!), I snagged it before it sold out. Then I wanted a good retinol product, which of course can vary in price tremendously! I decided to splurge and try SkinBetter’s AlphaRet, which was named one of Allure’s Best of Beauty products in 2016, to use at night before bed. I’ll spare you all of the stats, but it’s been named one of the best retinol creams on the market since it’s medical grade so it’s packed with a higher dosage of ingredients and can only be purchased through a doctor’s office or medspa. I’m also adding “wear daily sunscreen” to my list of resolutions this year, and not just a moisturizer that contains a small amount, but a true sunscreen. My all time favorites are PCA Skin Weightless SPA 45 sunscreen because it really is weightless under makeup, as well as EltaMD Tinted SPF 46 Sunscreen which I especially love because it’s tinted so it’s nice when going to the pool or beach and you get to look like you have a little makeup on (also available in a regular, non-tinted formula).

Grand Opening party

I also want to try and keep up with facials to help keep my skin as clean as possible so when my friend Anika (blogger of @milesandmimosas and co-owner of @whiskandwhimsyco – check her out!!), invited me to a grand opening of a new spa that specifically specializes in facials I was all in! Facial Mania Spa & Wellness Center is located in Delray Beach (just on the border of Boca) and is a membership based spa that offers facials, massages, laser hair removal, botox, you name it..they offer it and best of all it’s at an affordable price! Think of it almost as a European Hair Wax or Massage Envy, but for beauty and skincare. While you certainly don’t have to join, it pays to become a member ($49/month) to receive a discounted rate on all services plus a free facial and massage every month. I was given a tour of the spa during the grand opening and it’s gorgeous inside, very luxe! I was also treated to a mini massage (that my friend Val and I may or may not have turned into a couples massage, ha) in their Himalayan Salt Room, which I thought was one of the coolest parts of their entire spa. I love going to The Salt Box here in Parkland, but sometimes I get a little antsy sitting around. Here you get the advantages of the salt, while receiving a treatment – how brilliant?!

Himalayan Salt Room

Since we were all dolled up for the grand opening party, they generously invited us all to come back at our convenience to try either one of their facials or a peel. I’ve been itching to try a HydraFacial so once I heard they offered them I was all on board! Before the treatment the esthetician and I spoke about my current regimen, problem areas, and what I’m looking to achieve, and then we got to it! Immediately my skin was glowing and I truly don’t think my face had ever felt softer. Coincidentally I had a dermatologist appointment about a week later and was complimented on how well my skin looked, as if that isn’t the best person to receive that praise from!

I highly recommend this spa for anyone in the South Florida area and you can tell them I sent you to receive 20% off your service! And let’s be honest…we could all use a little detox after the holidays, include a skin detox! Just mention LIVELOVELIPSTICK20 when scheduling!

Cheers to a glowing 2018!


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