Save the Date: New Urban Decay Naked Palette!

Mark your calendars ladies…Urban Decay is launching a brand new Naked palette, Naked Smoky! The fourth Naked palette will be hitting shelves on July 8th and people are already freaking the f out! And if you’re already a fan of the cult favorite eye shadow collections then you’re probably flipping your shit as well.


This palette is devoted to offering every color you need to accomplish any smoky eye look, especially the four different smoky eye looks that are featured in the included step-by-step instructions: the Iconic UD Smoky Eye, the Smoky Reality Star, the Smoky Cat or Everyday Smoky.

urban decay

“In most Naked palettes, there is an undercurrent running through,” explains founder Wende Zomnir. “Naked 1 was a bit more bronze-y, Naked 2 was more taupe-y, and Naked 3 was warm and rosy neutrals. [With] Naked Smoky, you have a range of neutrals — your basic matte shades, and then a mini collection of bronze, a mini collection of taupe, a mini collection of grays and blacks, and then this one eggplant. It’s a variety of color families you can dip into.”

So who’s counting down to July 8th with me? Aren’t a fan of the previous palettes yet? Shop them here today! Naked Palette, Naked 2, Naked 3


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