Stuck on You Fragrances – Discount & Giveaway!

Ok, so I’ve been meaning to share this with you for a looong time, but luckily a recent birthday gift reminded me to finally do so!  Get ready to have your perfume world rocked…

stuck on you

A friend of mine introduced me to Stuck on You Fragrances when she was selling them at a local Farmer’s Market about a year ago.  This amazing company sells the same name brand perfumes that you love (and spend a small fortune on), but without the alcohol or fillers, just 100% oil.  They’re the exact same fragrance, not knock offs, only these are better for you, last longer, cheaper, and convenient!  I digress…

Most perfumes you purchase only contain a small percentage of actual perfume oil, the rest consists of alcohol, water, or fillers.  Wearing fragrances that contain alcohol are more prone to cause itching, sneezing, and other allergic reactions.  Being the wife of someone who suffers from severe allergies, this is a major plus for me!  Available in both men’s and women’s fragrances, Stuck on You Fragrances oils lasts forever on the skin as well as in the bottle, i.e. shelf life.  I wore my new Gucci Guilty yesterday and I luckily still smelled delish even at night, and that’s with getting spit on throughout the day!

gucci guilty

As you know I’m always raving about rollerball perfumes and think they’re beyond convenient to throw in your suitcase, purse, car, gym bag, diaper bag, etc.  Well ALL of Stuck on You Fragrances are sold in a .33 oz glass rollerball.  Best part is the price range of these little wonders is $14-18.  Yea that’s right, instead of spending $50+ on perfume, you can now spend less than $20 and it’ll be more convenient, better for you, and will last longer!  Check the list of fragrances available here to order today!  (And yes, they have my faves – Jimmy Choo and Flowerbomb!)

Ready to really flip your shit?  All Live Love Lipstick readers can use promo code LLL25 today through next Wednesday, March 26th to receive 25% on all orders.  25%!!  Now’s the time to stock up for yourself, friends, and family (don’t forget, Mother’s Day will be here before we know it!).  And as promised, they were awesome enough to do a giveaway on top of the discount!  To enter, just share this post on Facebook or Instagram (use hashtags #livelovelipstickisstuckonyou and #LLL25) and comment on which fragrance you’re most excited to try.  We’ll choose one winner at random next Wednesday and you’ll receive the bottle of your choice.  Good luck and happy shopping!




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