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So I want to share one of my new favorite lines with you today, 21 Drops.  These essential oils are my new go-to to help with ailments or just pick-me-ups!  The $29 rollerballs make it easy to keep with you at home, the office, car, and even purse!  I currently have 05 – Headache, 15 – Decongest17 – Digest, and 18 – Sleep in my medicine cabinet and am loving using them rather than reaching for traditional medicine!  What’s great is that they can be combined or used alone and I definitely have my eye on some of the other drops in the collection, as well as their “Quick Fix” set, which is a sampler pack of their four most popular oils (Headache, Passion, Focus, and Sleep) for just $15.  And great news, 21 Drops is offering a special 15% discount for all LLL readers (woop woop!) by using the promo code “livelovelipstick” at checkout, so now is the time to stock up!  These oils would also make the perfect gift as I’m sure you have loved ones that could benefit from these as well.  I know my husband could probably use all 21 of them (ok, maybe not the PMS Relief oil), but certainly the Headache, Focus, Pain Relief, Focus, De-Stress, Sleep, and did I mention Focus?!

21 drops

As a special treat and since there’s so much to learn about the company I figured who better to educate us all than the founder of 21 Drops, Cary Caster, so I asked her some questions geared especially toward the Live Love Lipstick reader!

LLL: So what makes 21 Drops different than competitive essential oils?
21 Drops: We offer pre-blended essential oil blends created to address 21 different conditions. They are conveniently packaged in colorful, portable roll on containers that are fun and easy to use anytime, anywhere!

LLL: Which drops would you suggest women using on a daily basis as a regimen, similar to taking daily vitamins?  For men?
21 Drops: For both men and women, I recommend starting the day with 01 – Invigorate.  It can be used instead of, or with your morning java. The essential oils in this blend really help to get the blood pumping and awaken the senses to help you jump start your day!  Before I hit the tennis courts, I dab some 03 – Strength, or 07 – Equalize is great before my yoga practice. Once you hit the office, it’s 09 – Focus that I keep on hand and is also a great pick me up at that 4:00pm lull. As for the evening time, using 10 – Calm or 11 – De-stress before walking in the door or picking up the family. It’s a great way to set the tone for a positive mind going into that hectic dinner hour where everyone’s cranky! And of course, right before bed, 18 – Sleep can help you to drift off without interruption! I also like to use 14 – Immunity every day because you never know what you’ll come across throughout the day.

LLL: What would you say to the skeptic out there who doesn’t think the drops are as effective as taking medicine?
21 Drops: I say that nothing negative can come of it, so why not give it a try? What most people don’t realize is that 80% of our current drugs are created from the synthesis of natural components first found in nature. What’s special about the therapeutic quality essential oils chosen for our blends is that their active components are easily broken down without any harmful side effects. The oils provide the proper building blocks or support our bodies need to build up our natural systems rather than suppressing symptoms as most medicines do, all the while also offering relief.

LLL: Are there any drops that could help in the beauty department, say help clear skin?
21 Drops: Our 14 – Immunity blend could also be applied to areas of acne since the active components are astringent and kill the bacteria that cause outbreaks. 07 – Equalize , which was created for managing emotional moodiness, also contains essential oils that are very nourishing to the skin (Palmarosa, Rose, Frankincense and Sandalwood). Of course 18 – Sleep is necessary to aid a restful sleep, which affects our appearance the next day!

quick fix

So be sure to take advantage of the 15% off “livelovelipstick” promo and order your 21 Drops today!






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