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Remember many moons ago when I talked about Nicole Richie’s new AOL web series, Candidly Nicole and how absolutely amazing it was?  Well apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought so as VH1 picked it up and is now premiering tomorrow night at 10pm, so excited!  I absolutely adore Nicole and think she is seriously hysterical!  (Did anyone catch her on Watch What Happens Live last week?  Uh-mazing!)


About the show: Based on Nicole’s hilarious (and often inappropriate) Twitter feed, Candidly Nicole details her daily adventures while providing insight into her views on everything from style to relationships to parallel parking. Surrounded by a core group of friends and family, Nicole holds nothing back on her journey into adulthood.

I’m only left with one question, why am I not in her core group of friends?!  Either way, tune in tomorrow night for the laughs!



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