And Just Like That, He’s TWO!!

family pic two year old photoshoot

Today my son, Samuel, turns two years old. He’s no longer a little baby, he’s a full on toddler. Being his mom is the most rewarding, and at times most challenging thing I’ve ever done. And although he’s only two, I can’t even remember what life was before him. Besides of course the faint memory of a life without stretch marks, wrinkles, and grey hairs…


When Angelina Jolie adopted her daughter Zahara years ago, I read that she said Zahara was the funniest person she knew and I remember thinking how ridiculous she sounded saying that a six month old baby was hysterical and wondered if Angie just knew really dull people. But that was before I had a baby. Before Sam. I get it now because if anyone were to ask me, I’d tell them that little Samuel is one of the funniest people I know with one of the biggest personalities anyone has ever seen. I’m a full blown mom now, surviving not one but two years of raising a human.

I’ve had some great times in my life that I can recall with a smile. Amazing family, lifelong friends, four incredible years in college, marrying my best friend, and yet now I lump in celebrating my son’s second birthday. We, along with our friends and their children, spent the weekend in Disney and had the time of our lives. We’re officially those parents, in matching t-shirts and all. But let’s be fair, after dealing with a child who didn’t nap a wink in the parks on any of the days, I was beyond grateful for a babysitter and the Epcot Food and Wine Festival.

Disney World trip

Happy Birthday Sam. Thanks for keeping us on our toes and leaving us smitten.

To help continue the festivities, I’ll be playing “Mom Blogger” for the week and will be sharing some of Samuel’s and my favorite products so stay tuned!



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