Hi everyone!

As I feel like I keep saying each and every time I post lately, sorry for being so sporadic!  While I’m sure it’s not keeping you up at night, it’s been bothering me and I just wish I could find more energy to blog in the evenings once Samuel’s asleep.  Either that or I wish the kid would take consistent naps!  Moving on…


So it’s no secret that I love Benefit Cosmetics!  Their line could consist of just their cult classic They’re Real mascara and I would still be a fan, not to mention their highlighters, box powders, and tints.  Plus don’t even get me started on their packaging and marketing!  Witty cosmetics…yes, please!  Well, the brand is at it again and have just come out with four brand new tinted lip balms.  I’m a sucker for any balm as I have insanely dry lips that I’m of course always complaining about, and a balm that’s tinted is even better!  While these balms are indeed tinted they are pretty sheer so don’t expect tons of color, but that’s the beauty of them as they’re intended to be…wait for it, wait for it…worn over their bestselling tints!  That’s right, Benefit made each of the colors (Benebalm, Posiebalm, Cha Cha Balm, and Lollibalm) to go over each of their corresponding tints to keep lips hydrated and for soft enduring color.

benefit blams and tints

They can also of course be worn alone or over any other lipstick, but for someone who loves a good tint but hate the way it dries out my lips these puppies are perfect!  I can’t wait to especially try Benebalm (rose) and Lollibalm (candy orchid).


Lastly, since I’m in love with their packaging as mentioned above, I swooned when I saw that Benefit teamed up with LeSportsac and came out with the absolute cutest line of cosmetic bags.  They would make great gifts, filled with Benefit goodies!

Talk to you soon!  (Hope not sporadically!…Thank you to those who know what I’m referencing.)



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