Cosmetic Case of the Mondays


I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!  My mom’s visiting so we’ve had a great time with her as well as spending time with additional family and friends, not to mention the highly anticipated return of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, hello!  Did you watch the premiere and the highlights to the upcoming season?  Oh em Jersey!

So I’m really really liking MAC’s new collection, Moody Blooms!  The colors featured are so bright and beautiful, but as always they can be added to more subtle colors to just add a pop of pizazz!  As much as I was digging the shadows (especially Hidden Motive, a beautiful deep aubergine, which would be great for a purple smokey eye), I ended up just pulling the trigger on a lipstick and some blushes.

mac pheromonal

I’m already a huge fan of MAC’s Sheen Supreme Lipsticks (lipstick + gloss = me likey!) so I was eager to check these ones out!  I settled on Pheromonal, a dark blue pink, which was a hot pink meets berry color on me which I love!  I also really liked Phosphorescent, an electric pink coral, but was a bit too neon looking on me.

mac wordly wealth


It was not love at first sight when I saw the blushes in the collection, but then I started playing with them and sure enough, I started liking!  I realized that applying Wordly Wealth, shimmering peachy bronze, first and then applying a little of Bred for Beauty, matte midtone blue pink, on top it looked great!  Definitely hot for the summer months!

Be sure to check them out before they’re all gone!

Cheers to a fab weekend!






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