Cosmetic Case of the Mondays

Hello hello!

I know it’s been a while, I’ve been keeping myself busy with life especially planning Samuel’s first birthday party that’s slowly approaching (less than 2 weeks!), which I will be sure to post about!  It’s pathetic how much planning you can find yourself putting into a birthday party for someone who won’t remember it.  But I will!

shea terra organic

So while planning the party I’ve also been dealing with Sam’s teething and first cold, causing a bit of stress (not to mention cheering on my Noles!!) so I’m now stuck dealing with an outbreak, ugh.  I’ve been trying to be good with removing my makeup, washing and exfoliating thoroughly, and applying spot treatment and masks.  Luckily I recently bought myself a new face wash, Shea Terra Organics – Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Facial Wash & Mask, and I am loving it!

African Black Soap is praised for battling blemishes and the signs of aging and the rose hips oil is meant to leave your face feeling clean and refreshed.  Since it’s 100% natural, it’s meant to be gentle enough for the most sensitive skins (including mine).  I do still think it sometimes dries out my face a tad, but that could certainly be the combination of everything else I’m using, so I make sure to mix it up with some of my other cleansers.  With the pricing of this wash being low, I’m looking forward to trying other Shea Terra Organics products, such as the Authentic African Black Soap bar and the Nilotica East African Shea Butter.

Cheers to a great week everyone!


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