Cosmetic Case of the Mondays


Long time, no chat! I know I’ve been hardcore slacking with the blogging but I hope everyone had a great weekend! I went to dinner with girlfriends, attempted to relax, and went to a beyond beautiful wedding on Saturday. I took advantage of the affair and had my makeup done at MAC and of course went home with a bag full of goodies. For those of you looking for a fun summer lip that may be just a tad outside of your comfort zone, check out Flat Out Fabulous from The Matte Lip Collection, which is the most gorgeous fuchsia shade. Be sure to prime your lips first since this is a retro matte color and to help them stay moisturized, line and fill in lips with Fashion Boost lip pencil. Loved the look!

Flat out Fabulous

So remember my post from last month about how everyone in the makeup world was flipping their shit because Urban Decay announced that they were coming out the with Naked Smoky eye palette? Well everyone’s freaking out again because it came out!! You can now order it online from Sephora and Ulta (It’s currently sold out on Urban Decay’s website) and it will be available to purchase in stores this Thursday.

urban decay


You can refresh your memory about all the deets by reading the post here, but just like the other Naked palettes it is $54, which means you’ll qualify for free shipping, and it is FIERCE! Snag one stat!

Cheers to a great week!


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