Dylan’s Candy Bar: Mean Girls Collection

As you know, I love it when my worlds collide. When my love for two completely different things join forces. It tickles me and it’s happened again. Dylan’s Candy Bar has come out with a Mean Girls collection. So.freaking.fetch.

The items would make the perfect gift for anyone who’s both a fan of the movie and who has a love for sweets. Which if you think about it should be every single person you’re friends with and if someone doesn’t fit into both categories you should highly reconsider your friendship. “You may think you life someone, but…you could be wrong.”

Here are my faves!

dylan's candy bar mean girls collection

Kalteen Bar / “I’m Not a Regular Mom, I’m a Cool Mom” Wine Tumbler with Gummy BearsPetite Cookie Set / “Her Hair Is So Big Because It’s Full Of Secrets” Hair Ties / “You Go Glen Coco” Pink Hot Chocolate Mix

And none for Gretchen Wieners.


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