Humpday Helper

I know I haven’t posted a Humpday Helper in quite a bit.  No excuse really, other than I doubt I would be very helpful with anything seeing as I walk around like a chicken with her head cut off nearly everyday…until now.  Ready folks?  Make sure you’re sitting down…

plie wand

So not everyone has time or money or even a desire to get their nails done regularly (as I type this I have fugly naked nails that haven’t had polish on them for over two weeks, something I would’ve consider catastrophic pre-Samuel), but that doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t want them looking nice.  So you attempt to do them yourself and you realize that you suck at doing your own nails with your non-dominant hand and it now looks like you just received a mani from a hyper 8 year old.  Well fear not, the masterminds from the fab nail polish company Julep have now solved all of your polish probs with their new Plié Wand.  This genius wand provides accuracy and control in a polish world filled with chaos with a flexible handle that bends so you can get a better grip, especially for your non-dominant hand.  But you don’t have to take my word for it (please someone understand the Reading Rainbow reference), check out this awesome video to see more.

wand movement

nail painting

Please note that the wand only fits Julep nail polish, however don’t let that stop you as they have some seriously amazing polishes with insane colors.  And great news!  Sephora is now offering a promo that when you purchase the wand ($35), you can receive a FREE full-size Julep nail polish bottle with promo code COLORTREAT, woop woop!!  I’m currently digging their colors Eva (raspberry creme), Monaco (mariner blue creme – Pantone Color of Spring 2014!), Jennifer (sheer soft pink creme), the Nail Therapy Base Coat & Treatment, and their Resort Collection (limited edition and online only, fyi) which includes three mini polishes and one mini top coat polish that’ll have you ready for vacay in minutes.

julep resort collection

Oh and the wand kit includes a dotting tool and striping brush if you feel like getting all artsy with your paws!




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