Humpday Helper: Wedding Edition

wedding shoes

Here is my Top 10 collection of random tips for the wedding edition of Humpday Helper:

1. Hire vendors you like.  You will be working with these folks a LOT, and if you’re anything like me I found it important to get along well with my vendors, for them to “get” Jared and I as a couple and understand the things we wanted.  When we were planning our wedding we had already been together for 6 years, so the honeymoon phase had already come and gone so we enjoyed when our vendors just had fun with us and we now consider many of them friends today.

2. Don’t follow trends too closely.  There will of course be things that are “in” that you will find yourself loving and wanting to incorporate in your big day.  Just remember that some trends last only months and memories as well as photos will last a lifetime.  I wanted to go for more timeless and classic looks to avoid looking back and feeling like I do whenever I watch The Wedding Singer.

3. Pre-address thank you cards.  Regardless if you’re having the envelopes printed or writing them yourself, once you have your final list prior to the wedding take the time to pre-address your thank you cards.  This will save you a ton of time after the wedding when you’re sitting in a pool of tears that it’s all over, going to town on the foods you’ve been avoiding like the plague for the past umpteen months, as well as the stress of knowing that you’re Great Aunt Shirley is thinking you’re a rude and unappreciative brat for not having her thank you card in her mailbox two days after the wedding.

4. When going for your first gown alterations, bring shoes and bra.  It’s best to have these items predetermined and ready to go so that the dress can start being fitted exactly as it should be.  Not sure of which shoe or bra will look and fit best?  Buy a couple and take the time at your first fitting to try on multiple options and just return what you don’t end up using.  Try purchasing items at retailers with excellent return policies, ex: Bloomies and Nordstroms.

5.  Don’t choose heels that you can’t even walk in when trying them on to purchase.  I know you want gorg heels for your wedding day, especially since they’ll more than likely be photographed.  If that’s the case, consider buying a second pair that are around the same heel length as you’re schmancy ones that you can change into whenever necessary.  Also, if you can’t see your shoes at all in your dress, consider wearing flats.  I know you’re all gasping thinking no way, no how…but I did it.  I had a princess style gown that you couldn’t see my feet at all and I decided to get adorable Kate Spade peep toe flats (as photographed above) that went with my gown since I wanted to be comfortable and wanted to avoid being taller than Jared in photos had I rocked a big heel (there was no way I was going to have Jessie Spano syndrome on my wedding day).  FYI, it was the best decision, hands down.  I was beyond comfortable and was able to dance the night away!  I did however change towards the end of the night into a shorter dress and that’s when I pulled out the big guns, but it didn’t even bother me since my feet had been so comfy before.

6. Don’t give an inappropriate speech.  This is more for the bridal party.  I’m very adamant that there are a couple very specific guidelines one should follow to have their speech not suck for everyone who has to listen to it; Nobody gets or cares about your inside jokes, so don’t just start blurting out one word references unless you want to hear a room full of crickets in return.  Don’t bring up exes or anything similar that would embarrass both parties.  I swear that should be a given but for some people it isn’t.  A good speech acknowledges both the bride and groom regardless who is giving the speech and makes it entertaining for everyone, both sweet and funny.  That’s the end goal here folks, tears and laughs.  Tears and laughs.

7.  Lay everything out the evening before the big day.  Whatever it is you’ll need and want for getting ready, lay it all out the night before so you know where everything is when you need it.  Anything that alleviates stress for you is a huge help!  You will also (hopefully) be able to fall asleep rest assured that you have everything you need and you’re not missing anything.  Speaking of sleep, make sure you get some.  Seriously.  I’m big on only having one or two people sleep in your room (if any) as opposed to some girls who want a whole slumber party.  Lay your stuff out, have a quick dance party due to the fact that you’re getting married in less than 24 hours (ahh!), take some Melatonin and go.to.sleep!! (I legit did all of the above, including and especially the impromptu dance party with my best friend.)

8. Eat a full breakfast.  Say goodbye to wedding diet.  Think of those food pyramids from elementary school and have a full balanced breakfast.  Protein AND carbs ladies!  The day will be such a whirlwind that you’ll barely remember to eat, and yet somehow you’ll be sure to remember to drink.  So to avoid feeling sick in your wedding gown, start the day off with food in your belly!  And if you suffer from nervous belly aches, pop some preventative Pepto Bismol pills and nosh on pretzels and ginger ale when getting ready.

9. If you’re having a cocktail party in between your ceremony and reception, use it to schmooze and mingle with relatives and family friends, ie. not your friends.  Take advantage of having everyone together in a room and go around to say your hellos and thank yous this way you have your whole reception to rock out on the dance floor with your pals.  If there was someone you didn’t get a chance to say hello to or they want to tell you again how fabulous you look (wouldn’t want to deny them the opportunity to do so, would you?!), they’ll come find you.  You’ll be the one in the white dress.

Last, but not least…


10. Marry your best friend and remember that the wedding is just an event and the marriage is what you’re truly celebrating.  I’m grateful to have done so three years ago today.  Love you Jar.  (You better be reading this…)




p.s. Have someone help you pee.  Avoid any accidents in your dress.

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