The World of Bridesmaids Dresses

I hope everyone’s been enjoying our bridal week thus far!

So after you’ve chosen THE dress (stay tuned on that tomorrow!), you then start thinking about the other dresses: the bridesmaid dresses.  Just like your gown, you should take into consideration the mood of the wedding.  Is it outdoors, on the beach, in a ballroom, during the day, in the evening?  This should help you decide the length, fabric, color, etc.  You can choose one style or mix in a couple of styles (if doing so I would at least make sure you keep the fabric type consistent) as well as colors.  If you’re planning a formal affair, you can never go wrong with black as it is always chic, flattering, timeless, and classic.  My fav bridesmaid designers?  Amsale (some styles are even available at Nordstrom as well as bridal boutiques), Dessy, Priscilla of Boston, and J.Crew.

For my wedding I knew I wanted my girls in a simple chiffon full length gown, that didn’t exactly scream “bridesmaid dress”.  I opted to go with Amsale gowns in Eggplant (a very dark purple) and we had a mix of styles, two very similar to each other that the bridesmaids wore and then a third style that my Matrons of Honor wore.  It all came together really nicely and the girls looked beautiful!

As I gear up to serve as a bridesmaid for one of my very best friends, Steph, in just a couple of weeks, I of course can’t wait to watch her become a Mrs but I also can’t wait to see all of my girlfriends come together in our bridesmaid dresses as Steph picked such a gorgeous color palette!  She went with Amsale gowns and picked a stunning silhouette, G629C, as seen below:


She opted to have three of us in the Blush and three of us in the Graphite (again, in the style above):

blush and graphite

Last but not least, her sister who is the MOH will be in the following style and gorg pattern, GA112C:


Fun side note: We may even go a little crazy and go with grey manis/pedis, thinking either Essie Smokin’ Hot or OPI You Don’t Know Jacques.  I live for pointless details like this.  Going to be uh-mazing!!



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