Miracle Mike

I know I’ve used my blog as a forum to ask for help in the past.  Whether it’s been for someone I personally know or through others and whether it’s right or wrong of me to do so, I’ve felt compelled to use this in attempt share a story and gain awareness.  Today I’m going to ask for help again.

mike and melanie

My friend Melanie from college is amazing.  She can put a smile on anyone’s face and is truly a ray of sunshine, not to mention she’s hysterical.  She met the love of her life, Mike, and they’ve been dating for the past 4 years and got engaged last March.  Though I’ve never met Mike and haven’t seen Melanie in quite some time, it’s clear that she’s the happiest girl in the world and I, myself, wore a huge grin while looking at their engagement photos that they recently took.

Well Melanie’s life has just been turned upside down when Mike was involved in a horrific accident last month.  He has been in the hospital ever since being treated for a laundry list of injuries, but the traumatic brain injury that he sustained is the most concerning of all.  Although Mike has health insurance, there are still numerous costs that he is facing including transporting him to The Shepherd Center in Atlanta on a medically staffed airplane which has to be paid out of pocket and upfront.  Please read the full story here and if you’re able to make any donation, big or small, it will be more than appreciated by Melanie, Mike, and their families and friends.



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