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When it comes to makeup, I could totes be casted on TLC’s Hoarders.  I always have to remind myself to go through my stash and toss any oldies.  But when do your favorite products expire and belong in the trash?  Here are some guidelines to try and follow:


Mascara – Switch out a tube every 2 to 3 months.  Since this is an eye product, you should be quite diligent to avoid any bacteria growing and infections forming.

Foundation – This has a longer shelf life of 6 to 12 months.  You may notice some discoloration if it’s past its prime and could possibly cause irritation or breakouts.

Concealer – Can last a year or two, depending on whether it’s a liquid or stick (sticks can last longer).

Powder/Blush – Has the potential of lasting up to two years so it gives a little flexibility to hoard.

Eye Shadow – You should technically only keep these for about 3 months, but I can tell you I’m beyond guilty of keeping these for much longer (like year, oops!) as long as I make sure my brushes are clean.

Eye Liner – These have the same 3 month lifetime and I try to be much better with my liners to avoid any infections.

Lipstick/Lip Gloss – Some say to toss after a year but once again I’ll keep them for much longer until they harden up and don’t apply evenly.

Nail Polish – Since nothing bad will come of you using an old polish (no bacteria here!), use until the color has faded or the consistency has changed to thick and clumpy.

So is it time for you to do some Fall cleaning or are you going to star on the next episode of Hoarders?




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