Moisturizer Madness

So I have dry skin. Like really dry skin. Like I may be part iguana.  Because of this, I try my best to stay moisturized as best as possible.  Here are my favorite items to keep my skin not feeling like that of a lizard.


Face moisturizer: I love a good facial moisturizer, but hate spending what could be a gazillion dollars.  My favorite, used twice daily of course, is La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense.

Body Lotion: I have to say I have a new fav body lotion that I just tried, Vaseline Spray and Go Cocoa Radiant Body Moisturizer.  I love that it’s a spray, I love that it dries immediately, and I love the smell of Cocoa Butter.

Lip Balm: Picking a favorite lip balm would be like Brangelina choosing their favorite kid out of the pack (although I’m sure it’s Maddox), but when I want to truly moisturize my lips I reach for my Nivea A Kiss of Moisture Lip Care.

Hand Cream: I probably use hand cream more than the average bear, I love keeping L’Occitane 1 oz Dry Skin Hand Cream in my purse since it’s such a great size and Bliss 2.5 oz High Intensity Hand Cream at my desk at work, and finally Ahava Mineral Hand Cream at home before bed.

Stay moisturized!




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