Rue La La, Ooh La La!

I’ve been known to do some online shopping damage – who could resist?  No parking, no lines, although no Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, hmm…but anywho, lately I’ve been scoring some amazing finds on Ruelala.com.

For those who aren’t familiar with this gem of a website, it’s a member only site that is made up of boutiques filled with coveted brands that go on sale each day at 11am EST and stay open for 48 hours.  It’s a great place to find items in a number of categories – Women, Men, Home, Kids, Travel, and more for killer prices!

Now don’t be scared about the Members Only, you don’t have to pass a test or learn a secret handshake, just sign up.  Beauty is, you can invite any friends who aren’t members yet and you’ll receive $10 for when they place their first order.  Cha-ching!

Now I know online shopping can sometimes be a drag because of the shipping fees (especially if you purchase often…who, me?) however I love that they started the Rue 30, which means you only have to pay $9.95 for one order and then you have free shipping for the next 30 days!  (Huge competitive advantage to comparable sites in my opinion.)  About a month ago they also came out with the Rue 365, which offers free shipping for a whole year for $100, that’s right, a YEAR.  You may be thinking that’s still a bit pricey, however they’ll also throw in two $50 gift cards to some of your favorite stores such as Bloomies and Tory Burch.  Rue-markable!

I can honestly say they also have terrific customer service, or as they call is Rue Concierge, and I’ve personally dealt with them on a couple of occasions.  Things happen, I get that, but they jump on the issue and do everything they can to rectify the situation.  I even received Rue La La cookies once as a way to apologize that an order took so long, I don’t even get “I’m sorry” cookies from Jared!  I also love that they inform you when brands that you’ve searched or purchased in the past are back on their site.

And finally, just to show you that I’m walking the walk and this post, err…Rue Report, isn’t just rubbish, above are some of my fav recent purchases from Rue that I’ve also managed to save hundreds on! (Unfortunately not available on Rue anymore: Alice + Olivia “Karina” Dress. YSL Belle Du Jour Patent Leather WalletGlass Pedestal Beverage DispenserPour La Victoire “Ilena” Leather T-Strap Sandal.)

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