What’s In My Bag?

So one of my favorite features in an US Weekly magazine is the “What’s In My Bag?” segment, so I decided to do the Live Love Lipstick edition!  Here are things you’re sure to find in any of my purses at any point in time…

Cell: iPhone in a great case to be exact, need I say more?

Wallet: I get made fun of by friends for having a “mom wallet”, but I love to have space for everything, and I’m especially loving this new one!

Sunglasses: I live in FL, these are necessary 365 days a year.  Currently loving these Tory Burch shades, plus how cute is the tortoise case they come in?

LLL Business Cards: Am now official enough to hand out cards of my own, ya know, for when people like my Grandma ask for one.  Can’t take credit though, they are the work of my amazingly talented web and graphic designer Colin Johnson, contact asap for anything and everything!  (He has enough patience to deal with me aka he’s a saint.)

Hand Cream: I swear I’m part iguana with my horribly dry skin.  I touch a single piece of paper and need to reapply, pathetic.

Hair Ties and Bobby Pins: Carry them in loads…never know when you’ll need to pin pieces back or do a quick bun, especially from the lovely humidity down here.

Mints and Candy: Because I’m a 5 year old.

Lipsticks, Balms, and Glosses: In need of a lip pick-me-up?  Need it in a coral, pink, red, or berry shade?  I carry them all at all times!  Seriously.

What’s in your bag??



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  1. Traci

    love this.. oh and love your bag. like too much I want it now!

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