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Humpday Helper

iced coffee

Given the fact that I’m currently sleep training my son while Jared is in Tallahassee, this is my Humpday Helper.  Iced Dunkin Donuts, half decaf/half regular, cream, and sugar.  Boom [drop the mic]. What’s helping you get through the day and week? Xo, Leah

Big Night, Big Day

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!  We took advantage of some amaaaazing weather and enjoyed time with friends before Jared heads off to Tallahassee for his legislative session.  Not to mention I was of course glued to my TV last night to catch all of the Oscar coverage!  The dresses, makeup, and glamour [sigh]…loved …

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Hello My Name is Leah, Have We Met?

on the mark

Holy 2014!  I hope everyone had an amazing New Years!  I’m sure by now you’ve been thinking does this girl even wear makeup anymore?  Does she even care about fashion now that she only lives in Gap Fit every single day as if she has a daily uniform like Doug Funny?  Does she even know …

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Miracle Mike

mike and melanie

I know I’ve used my blog as a forum to ask for help in the past.  Whether it’s been for someone I personally know or through others and whether it’s right or wrong of me to do so, I’ve felt compelled to use this in attempt share a story and gain awareness.  Today I’m going …

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New Addition to Live Love Lipstick


So I have to say that I’m so sorry for the week long hiatus, but I’m pretty sure I have the best excuse.  Ever. I’d like to introduce you to my son (still so amazingly crazy to say), Samuel Logan, who surprised us on Saturday, October 5th, and came over a month early.  Jared and …

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Banana Nutella Smoothie

banana nutella smoothie

Being 8+ months preggo can be a little tricky when it comes to curing cravings but avoiding tipping the scale.  I’m also a Nutella nut.  Like I could eat anything on Fear Factor as long as you added a schmear of Nutella.  I nearly freaked when I stumbled upon this recipe from A Thrifty Diva …

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October Ambiance


Holy October!  Can you believe it’s here already?  I absolutely love this time of year with Fall upon us and Halloween around the corner!   While living in South Florida, it may not look it outside but thanks to these amazing decor pieces we can at least try to make it look it inside! Skull …

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