That Time I Interviewed Rebecca Minkoff…

So a couple of weeks ago I had the ABSOLUTE pleasure of not only meeting the uber famous and talented designer Rebecca Minkoff at Bloomingdales, but also had the privilege of interviewing her for this silly ole’ blog of mine. She was sweet, professional, beautiful, and oh wait, she’s only 34! With only 4 years on me, she’s built an incredibly successful brand, hell, she’s build an entire empire. And all the while she’s also a wife and mom of two. How unaccomplished did I feel while left in complete awe of her? The answer: very unaccomplished. But talk about a role model!

Rebecca Minkoff in Bloomingdales

You got your first big break after designing a hit ‘I Love New York’ t-shirt, but of course became a household fashion name after designing the iconic Morning After Bag, why did you choose to focus on handbags?

I think that it was largely due to the fact that there was an intensity behind the bag that the clothing lines never have had and so I know with that heat and that excitement that there was something to hitch my wagon to and that I would get back to clothing when we could do it properly.

Who was the first celebrity you saw wearing one of your designs?

At the time, Lindsey Lohan and Lauren Conrad were style icons so they catapulted us which was in 2005. Anything either one of them wore would just sell out. It was surreal, but I worked my butt off to get them those bags. It was a series of who knows her, how can I meet up, she’s walking through this hotel…I’m passing her the bag.

What are three items every woman should own?

1. A really great leather jacket  2. A Rebecca Minkoff crossbody  3. A pair of booties

What do you do or wear to feel confident?

A leather jacket, booties, and a tight pair of jeans.

You now have a complete line including handbags, clothing, shoes, and accessories. What’s next?

Our next large focus is our retail stores and really building those out, especially internationally. It’s where we can really be as direct as you can be.

You are married with two children, how do you balance work and your family? I just have a toddler and I was running 10 minutes late!

I say there’s no such thing as balance, it’s just juggling. I know where I’m comfortable, and I know where I need to say no. I try to be home at least three nights during the week and if I can’t be, then I take a morning off. I regularly walk my kids to school so I don’t start my mornings at work until 9:30a. And I let that be true for my staff as well; I don’t have any privileges that I wouldn’t let someone else have. My husband also travels a lot for business too, but we make sure one of us is always home.

What continues to inspire you?

Meeting my customers, travel, and I love everything vintage. And it’s not just me, I have a great team.

What is your go-to, everyday bag?

Currently it’s our Star Perforated Bucket Bag in black, I wear a lot of black!

And here are some of my current faves from her line:

Rebecca Minkoff Tote

Tote Bag




Mini Lexi Bucket Bag

Micro Lexi Bucket Bag

Rebecca Minkoff Key Fob


Mini Mac Key Fob (currently on sale!)

Thank you, thank you Rebecca Minkoff!! And huge thanks to the amazing folks at the Boca Bloomies!


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